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1. General Terms and Conditions of DesignMind promotion - Smart Wall Paint

2. Definitions

2.1. ‘DesignMind’ means DesignMind a division of The Virtual Works (Pty) Ltd.

2.2. ‘Page’ means a Facebook page operated by DesignMind, titled DesignMind SA, and situated on Facebook.

2.3. ‘Promoter’ is Wall Design Africa (Pty) Ltd.

2.4. ‘Promotion’ is the offer to win one of two prizes to be supplied to two qualifying Entrants by the Promoter, through the processes defined in this document.

2.5. ‘Prize’ means the prizes explicitly specified in this document including courier costs to deliver the prizes to major cities in South Africa. 

2.6. ‘Terms and Conditions’ means all the provisions and processes in this document.

2.7. ‘Entrant’ is any natural person who acts to participate in the Promotion by posting suggestions to the Promoters article as specified in this document, and who is not a Disqualified Person/s as defined below.

2.8. ‘Disqualified Person/s’ are:

2.9. Any employee or immediate family member of the Promoter and/or DesignMind.

2.9.1. ‘Immediate Families’ include Spouses, Grandparents, Parents, Children, and Grandchildren whether by marriage, past marriages, remarriage, adoption, co-habitation or other family extension.

2.10. Any person under the age of 18 years of age.

2.11. Any person living beyond the borders of the Republic of South Africa.

2.12. Any Entrant that is not a natural person.

2.13. Any persons who participate in this Promotion with more than one Facebook profile.

2.14. Entrants who, in DesignMind’s sole discretion, supply invalid contact details or who falsely represent themselves or who participate in the promotion in an improper or unfair manner.

3. Start and end dates.

3.1. The Promotion starts on the 27th of October 2014 and ends on the 8th of November 2014.

4. Participation.

4.1. Entry is limited to natural persons only.
4.2. Any natural person who performs the following acts qualifies as an Entrant and becomes eligible to be selected to win one of two Prizes through the selection processes described in this document:
4.2.1. Post a suggestion of ways to apply the Promoters product in the comments section of the Promoters articles titled (Smart Wall Paint Competition Article) hosted on DesignMindSA’s Page.
4.2.2. Like and Share the Promoters article titled (Smart Wall Paint Competition Article) hosted on DesignMind SA’s Page.

5. Consent

5.1. By participating in the Promotion, Entrants grant the Promoter and/or DesignMind the permission to use and publish Entrants suggestions freely.

5.2. Entrants opt-in to receive communication related to the Promotion

6. Selection and announcement of Prizewinners.

6.1. The Promoter will at own and sole discretion, select the best and second best suggestions from the comments received to the Promoters article (Smart Wall Paint Competition Article) between the start and end date of the Promotion, and will award the Prizes to the person/s responsible for these suggestions.

6.2. The first prize will be awarded to the suggestion that in the Promoters sole discretion represents the most imaginative and/or practical use or application of the Promoters product.

6.3. The second prize will be awarded to the suggestion that in the Promoters sole discretion represents the next most imaginative and/or practical use or application of the Promoters product.

6.4. Where two suggestions are identical or materially similar, the Promoter will select the suggestion first posted.

6.5. The Prizewinners will be announced on DesignMind’s Page within 5 working days of the end date of the Promotion.

6.6. The Promoters decision will be final and binding and no correspondence or discussion will be entertained by the Promoter or DesignMind.

7. Prizes

7.1. The Promoter will award the following prizes to the two selected winners, (subject to the promoter’s Terms and Conditions of sale available here: as follows:

7.2. First prize to one prize winner: SmartPaint in six square metre kit and 1 tin primer or sealer in either clear or white options valued at R2 945-00 including VAT.

7.3. Second prize to one prize winner: SmartPaint in two square metre kit with a tin primer or sealer in either clear or white options valued R1 945-00 including VAT. 

7.4. The Prize does not include any items not specified above.

7.5. The Prize is neither exchangeable for cash nor substitutable for any other products.

7.6. The Promoter will courier the prize to the winners  at the Promoters cost to major cities in South Africa via Aramex. No other couriers may be substituted.

8. Claiming the Prize

8.1. Prizewinners are required to respond to the announcement of the winners on DesignMind’s Page by contacting DesignMind within 5 working days of the announcement being made.

8.2. Winning Entrants will be required to provide proper proof of profile ownership and identification to the Promoter and/or DesignMind before the Prize will be delivered.

8.3. Where any winning Entrant/s fails to respond to an announcement of the prizewinner on DesignMinds Facebook Page within 5 working days and/or provide proper identification, then the winning Entrant will be disqualified and the next Entrant to qualify as a winner will be selected. The same notification procedure will apply to each subsequently selected winning entrant.

8.4. The winning Entrant accepts the prize as is and entirely at own risk and indemnifies the Promoter and/or DesignMind against any claim for defect, accident, injury, property damage or loss of life that may occur in connection with the prize. The winning Entrant is responsible for all insurance, tax or other costs that may be associated with receiving the prize.

9. DesignMind’s responsibility.

9.1. As DesignMind facilitates the promotion on behalf of the Promoter only, DesignMind is not responsible or liable for any of the following whatsoever:

9.2. Any Entrants inability to enter or participate in the Promotion related to internet or Facebook access , use or operation, of the internet or Facebook for any related reasons whatsoever.

9.3. Selection of prizewinners.

9.4. Supply of the prizes.

9.5. Use or application of the Promoters product nor any representations made by the Promoter related to the Product or the Promotion.

9.6. Use or application of any Promotion suggestions.

9.7. Disputes related to the Promotion, Prizewinners, the Prize or suggestions.

9.8. Any liability related to any Exloss, injury or damage related to the Promotion or the Prize  (including but not limited to any direct or consequential loss.)

9.9. Entrants accordingly and explicitly indemnify DesignMind from any responsibility or liability related to the above.

10. General

10.1. This document represents the only representations made by the Promoter. Representations not made in this document will be of no force or effect.