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Adhesives and sealant solutions

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Loctite 542

Loctite 542 thread sealant for fine metal threaded fittings, espacially hyd

Loctite 661

Loctite 661 high strength, low viscosity, also UV-curing retainer Te

Loctite 574

Loctite 574 for machined, rigid metal flanges - general purpose Your

Mounting Adhesive

Replaces traditional screws, bolts, nails or hooks for most mounting jobs!

Construction Adhesive 60A

Transparent Polyurethane adhesive free of solvents with excellent adhesion

Tile Adhesive

Water-resistant adhesive for bonding ceramic tiles and paving to walls and

Loctite 243

Loctite 243 medium strength threadlocker Your benefits Works on all meta

Loctite 322

Loctite 322 Light Cure Adhesive - Fast surface cure Technical data Col

Loctite 3421

Loctite 3421 structural bonding - 2K Epoxy, general purpose, long open time

Cornice Adhesive

Order your cornice adhesive online at Building Finishes

Loctite 9464

Loctite 9464 structural bonding - 2K Epoxy, toughened, gap filling, fast cu

Construction Sealant Polyurethane

CONSTRUCTION SEALANT is a high quality, all-purpose, one-component, elas

Fibreglass Self Adhesive Mesh Tape

For all hardware tools and materiels, such as adhesive tape, FB Buildmart i

PVC Weld Adhesive

ALCOLIN PVC WELD is a solvent based welding adhesive formulated to provide

PU Sealant & Adhesive

One part, multi-purpose polyurethane-based sealant that forms a strong per

Keramicalia Products

GLUES Kerastick; A fine air setting adhesive for foundry moulds and cerami