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Floor covering solutions

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Colour Hardener

In desperate need of some colour? Colour screeds are a cement-based product

Quartz Carpet

If you want an interesting, classy, unique and creative floor, we will give

Floor Plaster

Our products for the industrial and commercial markets are formulated to wi

Designer Nylon Mats

Designer Logo Mats: 6mm Nylon cut pile loose-lay walk-off mats with nitril

PVC Loop Mats

Light Duty 8mm gauge mats with a PVC underlay are used for loose-lay applic

Coir Mats

17mm natural coco fibre with PVC backing. With or without logos. Effective


12mm Industrial needle-punched polypropylene upper surface bonded to rubber

Custom Made 100% Wool Handtufted Rugs and Carpets

Husky Design are manufacturers of 100% wool custom made handtufted rugs and


Travertine is dominated by beige and neutral colours and epitomizes the loo


Marble is the champion of stone texture and appearance. Marble has the abil


Sandstone has many colours ranging from white, grey and buff to various sha


The colours of limestone range from almost white to warm honey tones with g


Mosaic tiles are most popular for wet floors, but they can also act as a ni

100% Bamboo Carpets and Rugs

NAKARA® carpets - the cradle of handmade carpet art. The NAKARA web page i

Bella bathroom wooden flooring

Bella Bathrooms offers a wide range of wooden flooring solutions to the mar

Fotakis Brothers Private Collection offers a beautiful and extensive range

RL Woodworks - Flooring

We specialise in creating beautiful, high quality products from any solid t

Porcelain Floor Tiles

Kenzan Quality Tiles - a popular range of imported porcelain tiles which ar

Marble Tiles.

Marble is a natural competitor in the modern classical building materials,

Sandstone Tiles.

Sandstone is available in a variety of surface textures: Natural cleft fini