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Locks, hinges and ironmongery

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Metal Leaf Hinge

Our Metal Leaf Hinges are offered in 18 different types to meet a wide vari

Cylinder Cam Locks

Our cylinder cam locks are supplied with a standard Euro key (5333). The Cy

'T' & 'L' Handle Locks

Offered with either a "T" handle or an "L" handle, thes

Adjustable Draw Latch

Adjustable Draw Latches are made from zinc plated 304 stainless steel. Adju

Red Polyurethane Tyre Swivel Plate Unbraked Castors

Red Polyurethane Tyre Swivel Plate Braked Castors are suitable for light we

Pull Lock for Glass Doors

Fitted to the rear-most of two sliding glass doors, the inner body springs

Cam Lock, 10 Disc Tumbler

Provides above-average security for cabinets, lockers, display units, stock

Quick Release Panel Door Hinge

Our Quick Release Panel Door Hinges are made of steel. They can be welded i

Ironware Window Fitting

Ironware Window Fitting code-IW1267

Industrial Castor

Features: -Soft grey rubber wheel -Pre-mounted swivel top plate

Transparent PU Wheel Castor

Features Material: -Wheel thread:PU,transparent -Wheel body:PU,trans

Pedestal Locking System

Pedestal Lock Sets BR/MK : -600mm -1200mm Sets Include: -1x Adjustabl

3D Adjustable HVAC Hinge

3D Adjustable HVAC Hinges are ideal for large flush fitting doors. They are

Pressed Steel Bolt Down Feet

Pressed Steel Bolt Down Feet are suited for high load capacity. Pressed Ste

Pivot Hinge

Pivot Hinge code-IW3053

Door Bolt

Door Bolt code-IW4023

Bottom Rail Pushlock

Locks through the bottom rail of a sliding glass door. The ‘push to lock

Drawer Latches

Our Drawer Latches are designed for co=planar applications to "draw&qu

Mini Cam Locks with Wing Knobs

Offered with chrome plated or black powder coated knobs, our Mini Cam Locks

Door Bolt

Door Bolt code-IW4029