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Pest control solutions

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Coopex Aerosol Fly and Mosquito Killer

A space spray aerosol for the control of flies and mosquitoes. Active ingr

Auto Aerosol Dispensers- Ultramatic Deluxe

The Ultramatic Deluxe dispenser is the top of the range automatic LCD progr

Super Fly Bait.

An attractive fly bait for the control of houseflies in and around animal h

Quickbayt- Spray Fly Bait.

An attractive spray or paint-on fly bait with long residual action for the

Wax Blocks.

A bait block containing an anti-coagulant for the control of rats and mice

Ridak - Liquid  Concentrate.

A highly active anticoagulant liquid concentrate to be used when preparing

Advison Cockroach Gel.

Dupont(tm) Advion(r) cocroach gel bait is a high-performing baitTargeting a

Florida Fly Baiter.

Utilises fly behavioral biology in conjunction with fly bait to attract and

Knox -  Out 2 FM

A micro-encapsulated long lasting residual insecticideFor the control of co

Flock Off

Bird deterrent