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Sound proofing and dampening solutions

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Waffle Profile Acoustic Foam

It attenuates airborne sound waves by increasing air resistance, thus reduc

Skyline Sound Diffusors

Interfering reflections can be controlled by absorption or diffusion. In sm

Acoustic picture Panels

Perfect for Office, Church Halls, Homes, Recording Studios Large range

Woven Wall

Offering a Broken up wall, to deflect sound waves in a number of different

Acoustic Folding Stacking Doors

Specialising in board room divisions, by using a sealing acoustic folding s

Acoustic Cladding and Sound Baffels

Fabritrack is a specialised product used to Clad walls or columns. Applied

Ecobeam Sandbag Building System

Building with Sandbags...Build superior homes-half the price-half the time