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Friday, 10 July 2015 08:48

Corobrik Face bricks support school infrastructure in the Free State

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Schooling for thousands of Free State pupils in the Fezile Dabi and Motheo districts is being greatly improved through the construction and rebuilding of school facilities by the Kagiso Shanduka Trust in partnership with the Free State Department of Education.

Leading brick manufacturers Corobrik have, in turn, partnered with the Trust to supply a range of face bricks for this initiative to provide sustainable and superior teaching and learning environments, whilst offsetting future maintenance costs.


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A Memorandum of Agreement was signed by the Education Department and the Trust in March 2013 to undertake a five-year project to transform 428 schools in an effort to provide optimum educational facilities.

“We want to make education an empowering experience that equips learners with the skills and knowledge to thrive, while contributing to the development of our society,” explained Kealeboga Moremba, communications officer for Kagiso Shanduka Trust.

Their approach was tailored to suit the individual needs of the different schools. This included hosting transformation and empowerment workshops for teachers and developing school curricula, school management and infrastructure, while improving the lives of the local community where possible.

“All schools will receive the same basic high quality infrastructure such as ablution facilities, classrooms, desks and chairs to ensure basic functionality,” Moremba said.

Incentive-based infrastructure will then be provided as a reward to schools that achieve certain benchmarks.

Moremba explained that local community members were being used for the construction of school infrastructure to encourage local job creation and empowerment. Masonry construction was the logical way to facilitate this and help skills transfer and the retention of useful skills within communities.

Durable and cost-effective face brick adds value


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Corobrik’s clay face brick range was chosen because of its durability as well as its aesthetic appeal.

“We want these learners and future generations of learners to be educated in spaces that feel safe and look appealing,” Moremba said.

Corobrik has provided 10 million bricks to date for the construction of classrooms, ablution facilities, halls, science and computer laboratories at hundreds of Free State Schools.

Musa Shangase, Corobik’s Commercial Director, said that clay face brick construction was a perfect choice for school buildings as they contribute to lowest lifecycle costs and obviate the durability and maintenance performance shortcomings widely associated with lightweight building technologies.

Thermal comfort

“Enduring good looks aside, clay brick’s natural thermal properties help provide the longest periods of thermal comfort to aid learner concentration on long, hot summer days. The high thermal mass of brick construction mitigates the ‘hotbox’ learning environments widely associated with insulated lightweight innovative building technologies (IBTs).”

“Robustness to withstand normal wear and tear in ways that lightweight structures cannot, adds value to the brick offering, enabling funds that would be required for maintaining and refurbishing lesser performing walling systems to be put to more valuable use,” said Shangase.

He explained that clay brick construction with face brick comprehensively addressed all the sustainability issues, including fire and noise resistance, that were essential for providing quality safe school infrastructure for educators to teach and for learners to learn, socialise and play.

“We are proud to part of the Kagiso Shanduka Trust and the Free State Department of Education schools programme which is designed to give South Africa’s youth the best prospects possible for development.”

Additional Info

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Clay bricks and paving bricks have been produced by Corobrik in South Africa for more than 100 years, making it the sub-continent’s foremost masonry and paving design company.

Corobrik supplies local and international clientele, bringing brick designs to life all over the world. An extensive range of face bricks,  pavers and landscaping products in a variety of shades and textures, enables architects to create a myriad of stylish brick and paving designs.

Product development, coordinated through Corobrik’s ISO-IEC 17025 accredited central laboratory, aims for continuous enhancement of quality and performance in line with changing design trends and innovative new applications.

Corobrik has regional offices across South Africa and a national network of accredited dealers.

Production facilities operate in accordance with international best practice and quality assurance, ensuring that all products comply with industry standards and the classification against which they are manufactured and sold.

Five Corobrik factories have ISO 9001:2000 accreditation; another 10 are working towards this goal. All adhere to the Minerals and Mine, Health and Safety Acts and manufacturing processes are based on sound environmental practices.

Corobrik is committed to BEE and the upliftment and economic empowerment of previously disadvantaged communities.

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