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Sunday, 06 March 2016 21:57

Bluetooth padlocks are the future

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Never have to worry about losing the key, or forgetting the combination.  Master Lock Bluetooth Padlocks use the power of your smart phone! 


The Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Connected padlock is probably the most innovative development of padlock technology and shows that padlocks have come a long way since first being manufactured almost a century ago. Distributed locally by IB McIntyre (Mackie brand), Master Lock Bluetooth Padlocks are now available in South Africa. For details on your nearest stockist contact IB McIntyre.

Forget about keys and combinations, Master Lock Bluetooth Padlocks put control in the palm of your hand, so you can protect what matters most in your life. Unlock your lock and monitor activity - all with one easy-to-use downloadable app.

We use Bluetooth technology in our homes in many ways, and Bluetooth Smart is the technology that research has shown will have the most growth in the next 5 years, especially now that most smart phones are already compatible. It is a low power technology, so battery life is not compromised.

Any smart phone can operate the lock, including Apple and Android 4.2 and later. The app is downloaded via Apple or Play Store. The app will take you through a few easy steps to set up your lock to work with your smart phone.

To operate a Bluetooth padlock you have 3 options:

1. For easy of use and convenience, at the lock press any button on the padlock to activate an authorising signal on your smart phone to unlock.

2. For added security, any button is pressed on the lock, so that you can swipe the screen of your smart phone to send a signal to unlock.

3. In the event of a lost phone*, or your phone battery goes flat, simply press the directional combination that you have set on the face of the lock to unlock. The app will send a person you designate a 'once off' directional code that is used to gain access.

*Should you lose your phone, all you need to do is disable the pairing between your lock and phone - this is an easy process done via the Vault site. When you get a new phone, download the app and activate your lock on the new phone. In this way the security of your lock is maintained.

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