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Wednesday, 28 October 2015 15:47

Own your office space with Ergoform’s new Spectre Chair

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Stylish and slick, the new Spectre Chair from Ergoform epitomizes a contemporary classicism that speaks of a stylish setting in which James Bond would be at home. Tall, sleek and embodying Ergoform’s signature minimalist approach, the Spectre Chair is an elegant addition to any space  – professional or otherwise. Designer, Leon Roodt has drawn inspiration from design classics such as the ‘good old rocking chair’ and sought to fuse the timeless grace of such pieces with the striking contemporary twist for which Ergoform are renowned.

Born out of the need for a comfortable high back lounge chair, the Spectre Chair is suitable for breakaway areas, waiting areas and meeting lounges. The Spectre Chair is a standout piece that defines a space. With a range of fabrics and finishes to choose from, including standard fabric, 100% 1st wool and leather – one is easily able to refine that definition. Available from Ergoform in Cape Town, Johannesburg and now Durban, with a 4-5 week lead-time, you’ll be swiftly swivelling along in no time!

For more information visit or call Ergoform in Cape Town on 021 461 2251, Johannesburg on 011 262 0210 or Durban on 031 566 5094

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  • Announcing a new version of the best-selling and most recognisable performance chair of all time, the New Aeron® Chair from Herman Miller

    Global design manufacturer Herman Miller, Inc. has unveiled a new Aeron chair that is now available in South Africa exclusively through long-term local distributor All Office. The Aeron chair first launched in 1994 and was unlike any chair the world had ever seen. Instead of a padded throne, designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick did away with foam and fabric to create a true machine for sitting. Uniting human-centred design with Herman Miller’s leadership in innovative technology and materials, Aeron quickly became the best-selling and most recognisable performance chair of all time. With over 7 million sold in 134 countries, the chair is a vital tool for users around the globe and holds a rightful place in popular culture.  

    Herman Miller’s new Aeron retains the distinctive silhouette of the iconic chair, but every component of the design has been updated to raise the bar for performance seating. With the input of original co-designer Don Chadwick, and a dedicated team of scientists, engineers, materials specialists, and researchers who worked on the project for over two years, Herman Miller has enhanced the chair by combining the latest insights in anthropometrics and ergonomics with two decades of advancement in materials, manufacturing, and technology. The resulting chair is recognisably an Aeron, but features stronger and smarter materials, better adjustment capabilities, intuitive controls, enhanced aeration, and a health-positive, more comfortable sit.  

    Aeron now offers a completely new experience of sitting—with a re-engineered tilt mechanism, adjustable PostureFit SL spinal support, and groundbreaking 8Z Pellicle zoned suspension working in concert to deliver enhanced comfort. For individuals, the chair accommodates the widest possible range of activities and postures people adopt while sitting - from intense upright focus to relaxed contemplative recline. For organisations, cross-performance design makes Aeron suitable for a wide array of workplace settings. The new Aeron performs better than ever before - so that a new generation of users and organisations can too. 

    Natural Movement

    Staying in one position reduces the natural pumping action of the muscles that deliver nutrients to the intervertebral disks. The Aeron chair’s tilt allows it to move with the body in such a natural way that people can shift from forward to reclining postures intuitively. The new Aeron’s slimmer, updated tilt mechanism delivers an even more seamless experience of movement (and stasis) to the sitter through a smoother trajectory and optimal balance point. Aeron is designed to keep people in contact with the back of the chair and in control of their continuous movement throughout the entire range of recline. 

    While the classic Aeron supported numerous positions and postures, the frame angle of the new chair has been adjusted 1.8-degree forward to better support the body in the upright position and across a wider range of postures. Users will find the new Aeron moving with them seamlessly to offer proper ergonomic support across a larger variety of tasks.  

    PostureFit SL

    Years after Aeron’s completion, Herman Miller continued to advance the science of sitting. With the goal of promoting natural, unforced, spinal alignment and muscle balance even when the sitter is not in a reclined posture, PostureFit in 2002 became a critical element of the Aeron chair’s health-positive design. The technology was developed to provide back support that comfortably sustains the pelvis in its natural forward tilt - the position the body holds while standing powerfully upright. It did so by adjusting to fill the void between the contours of the sacral-pelvic area and the backrest. 

    Today, by incorporating adjustable sacral and lumbar support, PostureFit SL brings the technology to a whole new level. It supports the sacral region to nurture the natural S-shape of the spine, rotate the pelvis forward, and activate healthful posture - all while sitting upright. A secondary pad provides comfort and support to the lumbar region of the spine. Together, they help strengthen the spine to produce what Herman Miller calls “power posture.” PostureFit SL puts the sitter in complete control of his or her posture with the new Aeron’s premier spinal support system.

    8Z Pellicle

    New 8Z Pellicle offers unprecedented comfort through eight varied zones of tension in the seat and back Designed around the human anatomy to better envelop the sitter, the tightest zones provide firm support where you need it, while more compliant zones conform to the sitting bones and distribute weight evenly. Woven with nine unique shades of weft yarn, 8Z Pellicle offers a richer tonality and works seamlessly with the new Aeron’s three material palettes. 

    Designed to embrace the human body and enhance comfort and performance, each of 8Z Pellicle’s zones serves a specific purpose. Four tight zones engage the sitter and are the first point of contact with the suspension material to reinforce a healthful seated posture. Two nesting zones provide a lower amount of tension to cradle the sit bones and scapulars and reduce pressure in those areas. Two zones of stabilisation accommodate the key muscle groups of the sitter at a healthy angle without letting the body sink into the chair. Together, the zones deliver the pre-emptive support the body needs to stay active throughout the day.

    Customised Fit

    Aeron’s original design made it possible to adjust the amount of recline and resistance to the sitter’s liking. Depending on a person’s scale, this involved up to 50 turns of the tilt mechanism. The new chair offers updated user adjustments for intuitive, fine-tuning; advancements in engineering have allowed Herman Miller to scale back the amount of turning, twisting, and time spent customizing a personal fit. Now the sitter can reach a custom recline with minimal effort. Additionally, an updated arm mechanism allows not only for up and down adjustments, as with the original Aeron Chair, but a greater degree of personalisation through front to back, and side-to-side adjustments. 

    To meet the needs of the broadest possible set of body types, Aeron was designed in three proportional sizes. This approach to inclusiveness became an integral element of Aeron’s DNA. The new Aeron Chair is available in the same, anthropometric A-B-C sizing.  

    With the introduction of the new Aeron, Herman Miller reinforces the company’s worldwide leadership in workplace innovation and high performance seating. The new Aeron chair is available for both commercial and residential users and is available to order now from All Office. All Office has an extensive distribution network throughout South Africa and the continent.

    The new Aeron may be viewed at All Office’s showrooms in Johannesburg and Cape Town. For more information visit, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +27 (0) 11 262 5792 or  +27 (0) 21 440 7700.

  • Add detail to interior doors


    Here's an easy way to transform a plain hollow core interior door using plywood or MDF strips. You can 3mm, 6mm or 9mm strips in both plywood and MDF, and with plywood you can stain the wood in your choice of colour for a nice contrast, or paint MDF if you prefer a modern finish. 

    You might find thinner ply and MDF at your local Builders, or get in touch with your local timber and board supplier, or if being painted you can substitute with 3mm hardboard or Masonite and have this cut at Builders.

    This project only works on the side of the door that does not close on the inside of the frame. In other words, make sure that there is enough space for the door to be able to close if you fit panels.

    If you are wanting to stain the plywood you will also need a centre panel to cover up the plain door. Use a 3mm thick centre panel and apply 6mm thick strips around the edges to create a frame. 

    Glue the strips onto the front of the door using No More Nails adhesive. You need to ensure that no adhesive oozes out onto the actual front of the panels, as this will affect the stain finish. Only apply a thin bead of adhesive on the panels to prevent this from happening - or if it does, immediately wipe away any adhesive with a slightly damp cloth.

    Continue adding strips over the centre panel, leaving a gap of approximately 30cm between the strips.

    Allow the adhesive time to dry before using Woodoc Gel Stain in your choice of tint to stain the plywood panels. Apply with a lint-free cloth and wipe with the direction of the wood grain for an even finish.

    After staining you can apply Woodoc Antique Wax or one of the Woodoc range of interior sealers. A sealer will obviously offer a far better finish for easy cleaning.


  • When passion surpasses everything a company is born

    A company, born out of hard work, frustration, the love for design and a dream. 


    We found that one of the hardest aspects of our kitchen company was to find a good designer, who also knew how to sell and vice versa.  It was often found that not all good designers can sell and those who can sell, can't always design.  It was from that frustration that AKA Design was born. 


    We are a freelance design agancy, who offer you a design focused service, thereby allowing your staff to focus on the sale, and generage more income for you.


    Our standard design process and package are as follows:

    1. we are forwarded the layout, measure out notes and a general brief of what your client is looking for,
    2. we supply you with 3D colour renderings with your logo on to forward to your client. 
    3. should there be any changes they are e-mailed through to us and changes are made before being sent back to you. 
    4. upon final confirmation of design concept, we will supply you with the following as part of your design pack: 
      1. 3D Renderings
      2. Full plan layout
      3. Quotation pack:  Countertop layout, unit list, door list, panel breakdown, kick plate quantity, fillers, complete accessories list as well as the design file for easy upload.


    The Advantages of outsourcing:

    • Outsourcing is being used in many prossions and is a cost effective way to get a professional service
    • No need for extra office of desk space, or expensive computers and software liciences, as work is produced remotely.
    • Free up your time to concentrate on getting more clients
    • An easy solution for annual, sick and family responisability leave
    • Added support during peak periods
    • All designs are guarenteed to be sent back to you within 2 working days.


  • The Green Building Council moves into a new and ‘greener’ office space

    The Green Building Council SA (GBCSA) has taken up residence at its inspired new green office at the Blackriver Park complex in Observatory, Cape Town.

    Growing up fast

    As the commercial property industry in South Africa embraces sustainability, so the GBCSA's capacity and reach has expanded to the point where they outgrew their office space.

    The GBCSA has grown from a small start up to a fully-fledged mainstream operator, emphasised GBCSA CEO Brian Wilkinson. "From just one rating tool and one certification in 2008, to four rating tools with another two in development, and almost 40 certified projects today. Close to 5 000 professionals have attended our training programs, almost 500 professionals are Green Star SA Accredited, and 1100 corporates have joined as members, showing an incredible commitment by corporate SA to sustainability in the built environment."

    Designing a blank canvass

    The GBCSA relished the opportunity to walk their talk, and design a space that will resonate their green building values and principles.

    The new open-plan office has been designed to accommodate the future growth expected at the council, and embraces the GBCSA's increasingly flexible, collaborative, and shared approach to office space and the work environment. Besides the tangible sustainable interventions, the GBCSA have also instituted a ‘hot-desking’ system which supports flexibility, team integration and maximizes space.  Staff are also encouraged to use alternative and public transport and not to use their own cars to come to work by having less company-rented parking bays available, than staff employed.

    Sharing space

    As one of the founding sponsors, the South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) enjoys a close collaborative relationship with the GBCSA.  The Cape Town based SAPOA representative will be based in the GBCSA’s new offices going forward.

    Neil Gopal, CEO of SAPOA, says: “Both SAPOA and GBCSA are committed to advancing the property sector in South Africa and delivering value to members that encourages a quality, sustainable urban environment. We’re pleased to share office space with people who also share our thinking space and look forward to the positive impact of our growing collaboration.”

    Targeting a possible first green office rating

    The GBCSA also aims to get the new office certified under the Green Star SA Commercial Interiors rating tool, which will be released at the GBCSA’s Green Building Convention in Cape Town, on October 16-18, 2013.

    The retrofit of the new office meant that the GBCSA could walk the talk, and ensure sustainability at every turn. The site was chosen because it is a re-used old warehouse building, and Blackriver Park prioritizes efficiency and recycling. It is close to public transport nodes, as well as having great amenities within the office park, and more within walking distance. Blackriver Park has also installed the largest rooftop solar photovoltaic installation in South Africa, which will provide 1.2 MW of renewable energy, once complete.

    The professional team involved in the office retrofit did extensive performance modelling to see where interventions could be made to boost green building characteristics, and the final design made significant sustainability improvements. When it came to furniture, products and equipment required for the new office, products meeting sustainability criteria were specified and installed.

    A generous sponsor community

    As a non-profit, member driven organisation, the GBCSA was committed to achieving the highest green credentials at the lowest cost, and was able to achieve this through sponsorship from their member community and suppliers of sustainable products and services.  A total of 38 sponsors came on board in a short space of time to achieve a very ambitious goal. "We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of sponsors, and the products and services that have been made available to us. It is a great recognition of what we do," said GBCSA Education Manager& resident architect Donné Putter

    Open day for members and tenants

    To celebrate World Green Building Week (16 – 20 September), underpinned by the theme: ‘Greener Buildings, Better Places, Healthier People’, Cape Town members and Blackriver Park tenants will be invited to an open day at the GBCSA’s new offices which will include an insightful presentation by the project team.  The GBCSA aim to host regular office tours in the new year and to use the premises as a living showcase of healthy and productive office space.

    "I’m looking forward to celebrating the generosity of the fantastic sponsors, and welcoming members to visit us in our new space, which highlights green building principles and practices, and allows us to walk the green talk," concluded Wilkinson.

  • Add hotel style chic to a bedroom

    If you have ever stayed overnight in a luxurious boutique hotel, you know how these rooms pay attention to the smallest detail. Ever aspect of the design is carefully designed to enhance the total experience, both in looks and comfort.

    Creating a hotel style bedroom in your own home can be done with a few magic touches here and there to create the illusion.

    Take a look at any boutique hotel bedroom and notice how the bed is the main feature of the room. This is just as important in your own bedroom. As the largest piece of furniture in bedroom, the bed should be the focal point. 

    Adding a headboard is probably one of the most inexpensive ways to draw attention to a bed, and the more luxurious the better. Even a simple design, such as a piece of board upholstered with plush fabric will add instant impact.

    If you don’t want to go to the trouble of adding a headboard, artwork and mirrors mounted directly above the bed will have the same effect.

    Comfort is the buzz word in any hotel style bedroom. Beds are layered with linen, blankets, throws and sumptuous pillows, arranged to add even more eye-catching detail. You can easily replicate this look at home and you will find plenty of ideas and inspiration on for achieving a layered look for a bed.

    Layering a bed

    Adding a mattress cover or cushion raises the level of comfort and adds to the overall effect of luxury for any bed.

    For a true hotel-style experience, start off with Egyptian cotton. The thread-count on this bed linen is soft and gentle against the skin. 

    Top off bed linen with a duck-down duvet, comforter or bedspread depending on the final look you want to achieve. A duck-down duvet is soft and fluffy and will add a level of extravagance, while adding a comforter or bedspread will allow for a more tailored, contemporary look.

    Lighting levels

    Every hotel style bedroom offers levels of lighting that cater for various activities. Replicate this in your own bedroom by installing a central ceiling fixture, a reading lamp - if seating is placed in the room, and bedside lamps or wall sconces.

    Choose a central ceiling fixture that is eye-catching and sophisticated and that adds another level to the design of your bedroom. This is one area where you want to splurge for luxury to achieve the overall effect.

    Furniture and accessories

    Not all bedrooms have space for additional furniture, but if you do, adding a comfortable chair for light reading is an option to consider.

    Most hotel-style bedrooms cater for reading, relaxing and watching television, and you can plan a larger bedroom to incorporate all of these activities if space allows.

    In a smaller bedroom, see if the space allows for a storage/seating ottoman at the end of the bed and upholster or match this to the headboard design.

    In order to keep the bedroom uncluttered, be on the lookout for storage furniture that looks good and provides ample storage for bedroom essentials. 

    • -Underbed storage drawers are ideal for packing away bed linen when not in use.
    • -Bedside tables or cabinets keep clutter out of sight
    • -A storage ottoman will provide plenty of storage for blankets, pillows and throws


    At the end of the day you want to create a bedroom that appeals to all the senses. It should look gorgeous, feel sumptuous and smell delicious. Always have a vase of fresh flowers in the room and a spray bottle of scented water will refresh as and when needed.


    For more bedroom ideas and inspiration, visit












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