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Tuesday, 15 April 2014 13:10

Decorex Cape Town Presents 2014 Design & Trend Forecast

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Decorex SA has announced the 2014 Design & Trend Forecast series of talks that are running alongside all its exhibitions this year, with the next installment scheduled for Decorex Cape Town on 25th April.

The Design and Trend Forecast is sponsored by leading quartz surfaces manufacturer Caesarstone and features renowned South African trends forecaster and analyst Dion Chang as well as leading global design studio FranklinTill plus a report back from the world’s biggest kitchen fair.

The series of talks kicked off alongside Decorex Durban in March, and will be followed by the Cape Town leg alongside Decorex Cape Town as an official event of the World Design Capital 2014, featuring Chang, FranklinTill and a report back from the renowned international trade show Eurocucina. The Design & Trend Forecast will end off in Johannesburg alongside Decorex Joburg on 7th August.

Sian Steyn, General Manager of Decorex SA, said: “We have invited Dion Chang to present the Design & Trend Forecast and we are confident that visitors will jump at the opportunity for a trend update which ties into the Decorex SA offering. It is always a pleasure to work with a brand like Caesarstone, and we are delighted to have them on board as the headline sponsor.”

Lisa Aspeling, Communications Manager of Caesarstone, says Caesarstone is synonymous with innovation and cutting edge design, which makes sponsorship of the trend talks the perfect association for the brand. “We have worked successfully with Decorex SA for many years to bring design professionals the latest ideas in architecture and design, so being a part of the 2014 trend talks was a natural progression.”

“Caesarstone is proud to be in partnership with Decorex for the brilliant Design & Trend Forecast in Cape Town. This event hits the nail on the head when it comes to offering ultra-relevant and curated trend revelations for designers, consumers and the media and expertly positions Caesarstone at the cutting edge of innovation and design, which is what we’re about,” she said.

Presenting the first part of the forecast is Dion Chang, a former magazine journalist and fashion editor, who now heads up one of the country’s top trend consultancies, Flux Trends, working with corporates to provide insight into the ever changing relationship between brands, consumers and the communication channels that bind them.

Companies and individuals turn to Chang as a brand consultant and specialist activator because of his ability to see the world from a unique perspective and gauge trends ahead of the curve. He is frequently invited to speak at high level conferences because of his ability to question, and shift, an audience’s perspective.

Chang said the Design & Trend Forecast for Decorex SA would include a look at the cultural and lifestyle trends for the year ahead.

“The content will be of interest to the man and woman in the street, as well as to interior and other professionals. Our presentation on the 2014 zeitgeist and major trends looks at all aspects of our lives, including food, popular culture as well as shifts in consumer tastes,” he said. Anyone involved in the marketing of products to consumers would be particularly interested in finding out where the shifting tastes were going.

Chang added that there would be a strong African focused section to his 45-minute presentation, “everyone is looking to Africa as the last frontier – the interest in this untapped market has simply exploded.

The second half of the Design & Trend Forecast will be presented by FranklinTill Design Studio – reporting back on five emerging interior design trends and showcasing how these can be used using Caesarstone colours.

The third part of the trend talk will be a report back from Eurocucina: the biggest kitchen design fair in the world that takes place very two years, showcasing the hottest, freshest, ultimate kitchen design solutions and attracts designers from around the world, presented by Lisa Aspeling.

Don’t miss this opportunity to listen to and engage with one of South Africa’s leading thinkers. The price of entry to the relevant Decorex SA exhibition is included in the Design and Trend Forecast ticket prices.

Design & Trend Forecast at Decorex Cape Town:

Date: 25th April
Venue: CTICC
Time: 09:00 Registration & teas/coffee

09:30 Talk starts & ends at 12:00 Cost: R350.00 (incl. Vat) per person

Design & Trend Forecast at Decorex Joburg:

Date: 7th August
Venue: Gallagher Convention Centre Time: 09:00 Registration & teas/coffee

09:30 Talk starts & ends at 12:00 Cost: R350.00 (incl. Vat) per person

Facebook: Decorex SA
Twitter: @decorexSA
For more info visit:
The Decorex SA portfolio and is owned by Thebe Reed Exhibitions.

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