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Friday, 02 September 2016 12:08

Put that spring back in your step

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After a cold winter, we are all looking forward to warmer weather so that we can shed the layers of clothes and coats, and get ready for the bikini weather. Spring is in the air and it feels awesome.

But with the change in weather, should come the desire to spring clean and organize ourselves but for some, this is easier said than done. As such, I would like to give you some tips for spring cleaning that should put the proverbial ‘spring’ right back into your step.

1.Write down on separate pieces of paper a list of all the things you need to do in the home/office that would go a long way to making you feel better about that space. This could be admin and filing that has accumulated and really needs to be sorted before the taxman comes for you, or it could be your dining room that has become the family’s dumping ground (you know you have a table but you haven’t seen it in a while).

2.Write down a schedule for the tasks so that you don’t get over-whelmed and abandon ship before you’ve even begun. Even if you only do the assigned task for one hour a day, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Monday: De-cluttering & placing items into piles so you can deal with them.

Tuesday: You have undoubtedly awoken the dust mites so start dusting, vacuuming and wiping (inside and on top).

Wednesday & Thursday:  Organise through the items in those piles.

Friday: Rearrange the items you’ve sorted through.

Saturday: Wash and launder where you can.

Sunday: Decorate (and buy yourself a bunch of flowers for the effort).

3.When you are going through the scheduled tasks (which you can adjust to fit a week-end), do whatever it takes to stay motivated. If you love music, play it load and dance around if you want. It is spring; you’re allowed to misbehave a bit!

4.Don’t hold on to things you know you will not need. You haven’t looked at it since you were given it for your 21st birthday and you don’t actually like it, so donate it to someone who may. If there are items to throw away, please consider recycling. Find out where the nearest recycling depot is before you start and dump it as soon as you’re done otherwise things may find their way back into the space.

5.Prepare for your spring clean before you begin.  As with any task, there are ‘tools’ that are required. Make sure before you begin that you have rubbish bags, cleaning supplies and you have an idea of who you can donate items to. Have empty boxes available or even containers that you can use for dividing items up in cupboards and drawers. If you don’t have what you need, you may get seriously frustrated and decide to throw in the towel.

6.Label, label and label some more!

7.Think out of the box about the layout of your spaces. Consider your options. The best thing about spring-cleaning is that you can move things around and try new configurations. You can always put it back where it was if it truly doesn’t work.

8.Arrange for a bragging session. Before you start on your spring clean, consider arranging a dinner with good friends for afterwards. This could be another motivation for you – you can’t go backwards because you’ve invited everyone round for a brag session.

9.Open the windows and smell the fresh air. No explanation required!

10.Spread the word. If you have a friend you think might benefit from this advice, don’t hold on to it. We all need to get the spring back into our step.


These spring-cleaning tips were brought to you by Isabelle de Grandpre, owner of NEAT FREAK, the home of budding neat freaks everywhere.

Go to for more information and to view all their amazing products.  


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    Isabelle is a professional organiser and owner of NEAT FREAK, based in Durban, KZN. She is President of the Professional Organisers Association Africa (POAA). She also owns the only online shop in South Africa that specializes in products that help you get organized in any space. Contact her today on 082-673-9740 or go to for more information or visit the online shop:


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    We are a freelance design agancy, who offer you a design focused service, thereby allowing your staff to focus on the sale, and generage more income for you.


    Our standard design process and package are as follows:

    1. we are forwarded the layout, measure out notes and a general brief of what your client is looking for,
    2. we supply you with 3D colour renderings with your logo on to forward to your client. 
    3. should there be any changes they are e-mailed through to us and changes are made before being sent back to you. 
    4. upon final confirmation of design concept, we will supply you with the following as part of your design pack: 
      1. 3D Renderings
      2. Full plan layout
      3. Quotation pack:  Countertop layout, unit list, door list, panel breakdown, kick plate quantity, fillers, complete accessories list as well as the design file for easy upload.


    The Advantages of outsourcing:

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