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Wednesday, 09 November 2016 13:53

'Annie Sloan Paints Everything’ book launched

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Painting expert Annie Sloan presents her guide to painting everything! With forty step-by-step projects, Annie guides you through her methods for creating spectacular effects to transform walls and furniture, as well as floors and fabrics. Each project is accompanied by clear instructions and helpful tips. Featured techniques include stencilling, printing, waxing and dyeing. You can find out, too, how to combine colour for different styles and how to tap into your creativity by painting patterns freehand. No matter what your skill level, ‘Annie Sloan Paints Everything’ will enable you to make over your home to create the stylish,

individual interior you have always wanted.

Annie Sloan says: “With this book I wanted to reach more people than ever, from the younger rental market looking for a quick way to spruce up affordable furniture to experienced upcyclers who are lookingfor a challenge beyond simply painting furniture. My mantra is always ‘Paint Everything’ and I have really enjoyed having the opportunity of showing a number of techniques for using my paint, Chalk Paint™, including painting fabrics and leather, printing with cord, lino printing, image transfer, experimenting with coloured waxes and more.”

Books will be available from November in bookshops nationwide and retail for R375.00 incl VAT. 

About Annie Sloan

Annie Sloan is one of the world’s most respected experts in the field of decorative painting. Annie developed her unique range of decorative paint, Chalk Paint™ in 1990 drawing on years of experience in the field of decorative paints and colour. Annie has now written over 25 books on traditional paints, colour and techniques and the other latest by Cico Books are ‘Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint™ Work Book’ (2015), ‘Annie Sloan’s Room Recipes for Style and Colour’ (2014), ‘Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and More’(2013), 'Quick & Easy Paint Transformations' (2010) and 'Creating the French Look' (2008). Annie Sloan products are sold exclusively in almost 1,500 handpicked independent stockists in around 50 countries throughout the world.

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    Cost effective construction techniques

    Established in 1986, moladi has developed a cost effective construction technique addressing the basic need for durable quality low-cost housing which is a viable affordable alternative to traditional building methods. Representing the most advanced cost effective construction technique and innovations in industrial construction of affordable low-cost housing, schools clinics and other structures, with years of experience in the industry our knowledge has inspired subsequent ulterior solutions for development.

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    Lack of resources, insufficient funds, skills shortage, time constraints, work flow control and waste are key challenges embodied in affordable housing shortages. Our technology addresses these issues and this is why individuals and organisations recognise
    moladi as the solution to housing needs throughout the world.

    With the help of locally trained unskilled labour, the conduits, electricity, trusses, doors and windows are strategically cast in situ which eliminates the need for chasing or beam filling, which greatly reduces waste. The use of unskilled labour aids in job creation and the transference of skills and technology promotes development within under privileged communities.
    Having undergone and passed rigorous testing by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), we have received numerous awards for our high standards in innovation.

    Constituting a lightweight patented, reusable, recyclable plastic formwork system and SABS approved lightweight aerated mortar (which holds Agrément Certificate 94/231) the results are durable, permanent reinforced mortar structures of the highest quality and which is certified by the National Home Builders Regulation Council and bonded by top financial institutions.

    moladi technology is easily adaptable to the specified design requirements and is suitable for all types of buildings, yet highly suited for use in the mass housing markets; successfully alleviating many of the logistical problems facing the construction of affordable repetitive housing projects, a very cost effective construction technique.

    By utilising indigenous materials the benefits of the technology are spread to local communities. With a highly developed and reliable technology like
    moladi, the simplicity of the construction process allows for the ownership of a home to be within reach to many thousands of people. By applying the highest quality standards and a disciplined approach to the construction method, the cost of the entire housing delivery process is lowered, without it negatively impacting on the quality or social acceptability of the structure.

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    Colour is not just a part of life. It is life. It’s how we express ourselves, it influences our mood and it helps us to understand our world. As South Africa’s largest paint manufacturer, Plascon not only has an expert understanding of our relationship with colour but also how to make using it easy and inspiring in any space. It’s about combining the science behind innovative paint with the evocative power of colour, all grounded by a deep understanding of the South African culture, style and environment.


    Every year, Plascon publishes an overview of the latest colour trends in their Colour Forecast. This exciting publication gives customers an insight into the trends at play, while at the same time making it easy to interpret them in their own spaces.

    These trends are then brought to life with a distinctive palette curated from Plascon’s colour system and expressed through carefully-considered interior and inspiration imagery. There is also reference made to the specific décor techniques that will help customers to recreate the theme in their own space.


    Anne Roselt is Plascon’s Global Colour Manager and has been the driving force behind the Forecast since its inception. “Every year we travel around the globe in search of the latest colour trends and we’re so excited to share them with our customers,” she explains. “We want to really inspire people through the Forecast,” she continues, “and help them to bring trend inspiration to life in their own homes.”

    Colour Hive (formerly Global Colour Research) is a collaborative partner, providing global trend insight to the project. They are the thought leaders behind the renowned MIX magazine – the go-to resource for designers around the world when it comes to colour. This is the second year Colour Hive has collaborated with Plascon on the Forecast. As Roselt explains, “they bring an international perspective that is so valuable to a project like this.” She continues, “and it’s by combining this global insight with our deep understanding of the South African taste level, lifestyle and décor preferences that we can create something that is both inspirational and useful.”

    THE THEMES FOR 2017 Overview:

    The Colour Forecast for 2017 follows a similar format to the issues from previous years, with trends curated around four key themes. These each have a carefully considered colour palette that captures the spirit of the trend, and a suggestion on the décor treatments to bring it to life. Roselt explains that this year’s themes are influenced by the attraction we feel for both the digital and natural worlds. This seemingly contradictory pair is very much a metaphor for who we are as people at the moment, Roselt adds, and that’s why we’re seeing it in colour in many ways.

    “Our inspiration this year came from the world we feel under our feet and the worlds we create in our minds,” Roselt says. She explains that we’re seeing a more minimal approach to interiors. “Not that everything is going back to white,” she says. “It’s just that the use of colour is more pure and single-minded

    – something we’re seeing in the bold wall treatments and colour combinations this year,” she continues. She explains that this year we’re seeing everything from perspective geometrics to very subtle colour gradations,colour-blocking and everything in-between.

    Colour Story One: Anonymous

    Anonymous is about the freedom you get when you strip right back to basics and embrace the softer things in life. It’s a new kind of neutrality – beyond a specific gender, identity, place or even style. This approach embraces simplicity and is a response to how oversaturated our lives feel because of all the things that surround us in the world.

    The palette combines a lighter blue, green and pink with deep purple, blue and black. Metallic-inspiredshades complete the look and add a sense of depth to the theme. These colours are soothing and calm, giving us space to pause in a busy world.

    Bringing this story to life is all about creating an atmospheric feeling with colour. We’re seeing a weightless use of colour for a minimal simplicity, and interest being created with décor techniques like two-toned walls to ground spaces.

    Colour Story Two: Terrain

    Terrain is an earthy theme inspired by desert landscapes and colours. It takes the raw forms of these places and interprets them into a warm and easy-to-use palette made up of oranges and yellows balanced by warm neutrals and a mineral green and blue duo.

    The trick to using Terrain in a space is to be sparing with the yellow and orange most of the time. Concentrate on the greys and neutrals first to provide a subtle backdrop and then use the other colours as a more energetic accent.

    In terms of styling and bringing Terrain to life, this theme is all about using bands of colour to create bold statements on feature walls. Neutral accents really help to complete the natural look and bring the theme to life.

    Colour Story Three: Prism

    Prism is a youthful and contemporary theme inspired by digital art and features layers of colour being used to create a sense of depth. There’s nothing serious about this story – it’s all about having fun with interiors.

    This is probably the boldest theme in terms of paint techniques, and it makes use of prism-inspired and scattered geometric effects on walls. Bands of colour are also used in some places, along with perspective designs, to visually bring the colour off the wall.

    The trick is to be bold with colour but remember to contrast the deeper colours with the lighter ones for a fresh, contemporary feeling.

    Colour Story Four: Pause

    The last theme is Pause – one for everyone who likes a sophisticated neutral look. And while it may be the most minimal and authentic at heart, it has maximum appeal thanks to a nuanced colour palette.

    In this theme of hushed colours, we see feminine blush shades as well as grey and blue-tinted updates on classic beiges. There’s also a metallic gold accent on hand to add a hint of luxury. This all helps to create a sense of depth and create a minimalism that is anything but boring.

    This sophisticated theme is brought to life through the use of chalky colour treatments for additional texture, as well as faded finishes and colour panels.


    Every year, Plascon chooses a colour that sums up the mood in the global design landscape. For 2017, it is “In the Mood”. Taken from the Terrain story, this is a neutral colour with earthy grey and very subtle pink tints. Warm and grounding but always clean and sophisticated, this colour is the perfect backdrop for any space. As Roselt explains, “It really captures the ‘back to basics’ feeling that the world is going through at the moment but is still rich, warm and really easy to use.”


    As South Africa’s largest paint manufacturer, Plascon is driven to provide both leading products and useful inspiration to make home decoration easy and exciting. The company is continuously developing new and innovative paint products specifically with the South African consumer in mind and is known for the exceptional quality of its various brands. With trusted names like Double Velvet, Cashmere, Wall and All, Velvaglo, Micatex, and Plascon Kitchens and Bathrooms in its stable, customers know that they can bring their inspiration to life using long-lasting, high-performance paint products, no matter what the application.


    The Forecast is launched each year at Decorex Joburg, where the themes are brought to life on the Plascon stand. Copies of the Forecast are then included in leading décor publications around the launch in August, as well as with Plascon’s Spaces magazine. After the launch, customers can visit their nearest Plascon stockist to collect their own copy. For more information, visit us online at

  • 3D Wall Tiles


    Another international trend introduction and an exclusive range to Italtile. With all the benefits of international manufacturing, Italtile have the privilege of introducing another range that exceeds all expectations.

    3D Wall Tiles:

    The Bold Stone-look porcelain tiles available in Diamond White Matt, Diamond Night Matt, Blade White Matt and Grid Black Matt that range from white to charcoal through three modern variations  of grey/Black, in-line with current architectural trends.

    Three dimensional wall tile with sculptured stone effect to create creating cladding of tremendous spectacular impact.

    3 dimensional pattern with sharp features – gives walls a sculptured and dynamic look.   This European import does not contain toxic substances, solvents and does not emit volatile organic compounds, so enviro friendly has been a main focus in this range’s production, including the manufacturing with minimum 20% pre-consumer recycled materials.

    Also Water resistant easy to drill as well as east to clean.


    Available at all Italtile Showroom from Early April and on our webstore for easy purchasing 24/7:

  • Add a chalk paint finish to your furniture

    When painting furniture with chalk paint, any brand of chalk paint, you have the option to use antique wax or a clear top coat for finishing. Here are a few tips to consider when waxing chalk-painted furniture.

    1. Always wipe down chalk-painted pieces, especially if these have been sanded. You need to remove all dust particles before you apply the finish. A slightly damp cloth can be used to wipe down and then allow a few minutes to dry.

    2. The easiest way to apply antique wax to chalk-painted furniture is to use a piece of sponge. Whenever I visit my local fabric store, I also buy a couple of small pieces of cut, medium-density foam that I can cut into smaller pieces to use for applying antique wax. A sponge easily gets into detailed sections and edges.

    3. To polish the wax after application I use a soft, lint-free cloth. Microfibre cloths won't mess up the finish and give a silky, smooth surface with just a bit of buffing. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for application and drying time. We use Woodoc Antique Wax for finishing our chalk paint projects. It provides a protective finish that is silky smooth to the touch and has a satin sheen. 

    If you prefer a more glossy finish for your chalk-painted furniture, buff the wax finish again.

    4. When applying antique wax, don't slap it on too thick. You want a consistent layer of wax across the surfaces that dries quickly. Apply too much and it is difficult to even out once the wax hardens.

    - See more at:

  • Live Wall Cladding

    Live Wall Cladding


    Moby Deck & Liqui-Tec Decor Projects has partnered with Designer Rock to launch a new and never seen before wall finishing product that has been designed and meticulously crafted to set new heights in the Decor industry with cosmetic allurement. We believe we have accomplished just that.


    What Is Live Wall Cladding

    Live Wall Cladding is exactly as the name suggests, wall cladding that comes alive... By the push of a button on your hand held remote, your wall cladding will come alive with illuminating colour and shimmering innovation.



    Live wall cladding can be used as a wall finishing product in most applications.

    To name a few, but not limited to, as follows:


    -Exterior Wall Cladding-

    -Interior Wall Cladding-

    -Entertainment Areas-

    -Garden Retainer Walls-

    -Structural & Non-Structural Pillars-

    -Room Divider & Wall Partition Panels can also be made-


    -Reception Wall Decor-

    -Office Interior Walls & Partitions-


    -Shopping Centres & Malls-




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