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Thursday, 02 May 2013 10:27

Learn about Interior Design for High Ceiling Homes

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If you are struggling to decorate your home because of high ceilings, all you need is a bit of creativity.

Discover some great ideas for decorating rooms with high ceilings to reduce the scale, making the room feel more comfortable and friendly.  These tips include rule of thirds, lighting, frames, paintings and graphic art, accent walls, curtains, exposed wooden beams, texture for the ceilings and things to avoid. Once you have mastered these steps you will create outstanding interior designs.

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    Fans play a major role in regulating the temperature of a room, offering a cooling effect and increasing ventilation. However with all the various options available these days, finding the right fan for your needs can sometimes be a daunting task.  This doesn’t have to be the case though, here you will find 3 fans that are most popular and the areas they are most suited for to help you make the right choice.

    Wall, pedestal and ceiling fans are inexpensive, eco-friendly and they are available in various styles and colours. This makes them very popular among the masses and due to their structure and way of operation, they provide cooler air throughout a room.  

    The Wall Fan - Wall fans have blades which circulate the air present in the room at a high speed to create a cooling effect. This can help a great deal in keeping you cool during steep summers and also put lesser pressure on your air conditioning systems.  Wall fans are perfect for churches, schools, factories, halls or any large room.

    The Pedestal Fan – If you're looking to cool down smaller areas or personal spaces then the pedestal fan is the perfect choice.  These areas can feel stuffy and suffocating but by adding a pedestal fan you can transform it into an airy environment.  Although small in size, pedestals fans are highly effective.  Solent’s now offers pedestal fans with unique eco-friendly green blades, housed by either a black or white grill. These not only look stylish and trendy, they’re practical too!

    The Ceiling Fan - Ceiling fans are perfect for any room indoors or outdoors.  They come in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes to compliment any style. Using ceiling fans throughout the home greatly reduces energy costs and it adds to a home’s character.  If you’re the kind that loves options, then Solent is the way to go.  Their fans are fully customizable, available with remote controls and you can add a light kit to it.  Solent ceiling fans are more than just functional; they can serve as a statement piece or focal point of a room.

    Whether you're looking for a ceiling fan for your home, a wall fan for your warehouse or a pedestal fan for your office or study, you can be certain that you will find just the right fan for your needs at Solent.   

  • Beat The Heat This Summer

    Ceiling fans, the unsung heroes of cooling!

    Looking for an effective to cool down this summer but can’t afford to spend a bucket load of cash?  Why not opt for a ceiling fan to provide you with an affordable and cost effective means of cooling down during the hot, sticky summer months.

    Ceiling fans are incredibly effective, as they circulate the air around the surface of your skin, creating a wind chill effect which makes you feel cooler by accelerating the evaporation of sweat on your skin.  A well-placed ceiling fan can seriously reduce the real feel temperature in a room.

    Ceiling fans are not responsible for reducing the temperature in a room, actually they can’t reduce the temperature of a room but they can reduce your body temperature, which is what makes them so incredibly energy efficient, unlike an air conditioner.  They are quick and easy to install and operate as effectively indoors as they do outdoors.  A bonus of having a ceiling fan apart from the cooling and cost saving factors is the fact that they are capable of keeping pesky bugs and mosquitoes away.

    Ceiling fans are available in a wide range of colours, styles and finishes and there is virtually one to suit any lifestyle or décor, from traditional to the very trendy.  They are now available with wooden or aluminium blades, depending on your budget or décor.  A well-chosen ceiling fan can be the perfect accessory to your décor and stand as a proud feature in its own right.

    Most modern ceiling fans no longer come with the traditional pull string but can be controlled by either a wall mounted control switch or a remote control for added convenience.  Ideally you should chose a fan that has more than 2 speed settings so that you can adjust the speed to suit your personal preference.  Ceiling fans have the option to change the direction of the blades so that you can run your fan during winter to help bring down the warmer air that sit closer to the ceiling.  All you have to do is inform your electrician to connect these wires to the flip switch when your fan is being installed. 

    If you have a room with a low ceiling, you can opt for a wall mounted fan, these offer just as much cooling and are great for smaller spaces.  Ceiling fans are available with various sized blades and number of blades, however the number of blades does not increase of decrease the amount of air being delivered by the fan, they are purely aesthetic.  Fans with larger blades are more suited for bigger rooms with high ceilings, whereas fans with smaller blades look great in smaller rooms or rooms with low ceilings.  However, if you have a very large room, you may want to consider installing 2 ceiling fans for maximum effect.

    Click here to go to their listing to get their contact details: or go directly to their wesbite




  • Give your interiors a great look with glass innovations

    Make your home a show stopping creation by adding glass into your interior décor theme. Here are four great ways to make it happen:

    1. 1.An effect intro for glass in the home comes in the form of glass furniture

    This could be the easiest way to incorporate glass into your interiors. Having glass table tops for your coffee tables, side tables or entry-way tables not only enhances the rest of the materials in you interiors, but it also makes it easy to manipulate your style and décor to fit into the ‘classic chic’ category of home interior décor.

    A great option would be the use of frosted decals instead of clear glass. Doing this will surely cement glass as part of your design theme, putting a stop to the thought that glass is only best used as a background feature. Try treating your frosted glass with detailed borders or patterns, or even imagery. You might also like to have this theme resonate throughout the rest of the home, in mirrors, glass doors and the like.

    2.    Glass innovations in the kitchen

    Though often found in cupboard doors and windows, glass in the kitchen is making moves onto different areas of this room. Like most interior designers are doing now, you could consider having a glass counter-top. Glass is more hygienic and far easier to clean than most surfaces. Having glass kitchen surfaces could make life a lot easier when the curry or stew spills.

    For a far better effect, try adding a splash of colour into your kitchen décor by opting for coloured glass for your counter-top or backsplash area. Custom designs of frosted glass aren’t out of the question either, and like the coloured glass, they can add that added dazzle when patterned.

    3.    Leave the chalkboard out and get a glass whiteboard for the kids’ rooms

    Instead of the, sometimes messy, black chalkboard, try a glass whiteboard for the kids’ rooms. It’ll be just as effective for releasing all their creativity, and when they get older, it’ll be a good notice board for all their school and extra-curricular activity schedules.

    For the glass whiteboard, you’ll need a freestanding pane of glass that has one side frosted. Normal whiteboard markers will work just as well on the glass, and the markings will be just as easy to wipe off. Again, you can give the glass pane a detailed border for design aesthetics.

    4.    Make entertainment areas reflect and shimmer with mirrors

    The entertainment area or bar area is one of the places in the home where your design ideas can go beyond the themes in the rest of the home. Allow your creativity to whisk you away by adding mirrors to this area. You could get mirror mosaics installed as part of the background, mirrored floating shelves or mirrored counter tops.

    Alternatively, getting images or tattoos printed onto your glass can give a good graphic look that can be customized to whatever image you like.

    If these ideas for innovative glass options for home interiors tickle your fancy, get advice on the type of glass that is best suited for your furniture and interiors at a GSA glass fitter near you.  Find out how quick and easy it is to add these ideas to your home by clicking here to enquire. 

  • Refin’s New Tile Collection Showcases Leccese Stone

    As eloquently as the name suggests, Ceramiche Refin’s newest tile collection, Poesia, is a mix of warm hues that uses a local Southern Italian stone to create a refined and polished design

    Ceramiche Refin’s latest collection of ceramic tiles reads like an alluring piece of poetry: graceful lines, sumptuous details and classic style. Rightly so, the line is called ‘Poesia,’ and in addition to well-thought-out design and innovative craftsmanship, it is a collection that wholly displays some of its Italian heritage, using Leccese stone from the Southern Italian region of Puglia.

    With Poesia, Refin explores a renewed taste for different types of stones. Using the ‘pietra Leccese’ as it is called in Italian, it is the base for the Poesia tiles, and is a stone that dates back more than 20 million years, reached its artistic peak during the Baroque period. Today it is extracted from large open-cast quarries and is the base for one of Refin’s most innovative and elegant tile collections to date.

    “The wonderful thing about using the Leccese stone to realize Poesia is that the deeper you go in the quarry, the more the colors change,” explains the Ceramiche Refin research and design team. “This variation provides for a myriad of rich, warm colors in this line.”

    The Poesia collection comes in four naturally balanced hues, ranging from white to mud to grey and a warm gold, with a refined texture thanks to the Leccese stone. With commercial and residential clients in mind, Poesia also offers a variety of intricately detailed borders to offset the solid antique finishes: Geometric patterns, brick wall accents or patterned deco.

    Poesia has been one of our most challenging and rewarding lines yet for our internal research and design team,” they explain. “Here we not only had design in mind, but we had an interesting material to work with, which is what makes this collection so unique.”

    Refin has established itself as a leader in the tiles sector with a highly developed graphics system that broadens the horizons for tile design. Utilizing every aspect of nature, culture and human surroundings, they develop unique interior and exterior floor and wall tiles that tell a story. The combination of using ultra resistant Grès Porcelain tiles together with their avant-garde graphics and a commitment to research and innovation, Ceramiche Refin is the epitome of a high quality product Made in Italy.

  • Bold and whimsical interiors

    Surfing through the internet, looking through magazines and asking friends for advice on what to choose for your home interiors is a good way to research the best and most uncommon styles. However, being able to see what expert interior designers are doing in their personal spaces may give you better insight into your own taste.

    Houston designer, Sally Wheat is a fresh new designer who mixes colours, textures and periods into playful and unique interiors. Sophisticated and overflowing with personality, Sally's unexpected style is both elegant and livable.


    Taking a look into Sally’s own whimsical but classy home interiors could help you push the envelope where your home interior design themes are concerned.





    Sally Wheat's own home is inspired by the groovy looks she admires in her favourite UK magazine, Living Etc., which features bold design and colourful combinations.


    In the dining room, chairs upholstered in royal blue velvet are arranged around the pine table. It's the unexpected punch of colour and combination of texture in this room that gain attention.


    There is a long-held belief in the design community that the style of a house should dictate the style of decor but, in truth, a juxtaposition between the decor and architecture can often lead to far more interesting results.


    Complete with vivid pops of colour and pattern, on-trend accessories and a mix of mid-century, contemporary and modern furnishings dress this conservative home.


    A simple desk is covered with faux snake skin with nail head trim - not your average piece of furniture.

    So don’t be afraid of exploring all the creative and unconventional combinations you have in mind. You could break barriers and set trends. And remember to have a great design experience! 

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