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Thursday, 06 August 2015 16:01

Contract Staircases: Exploring Options in Green Design

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Companies that specialize in customized, made-to-order staircases are going eco-friendly with personalized designs and work ethics that embody the true meaning of “green design”

It seems everybody is going green these days. The entire world is making in effort to reduce the impact on the environment, and contractors are no different. From an ethical standpoint, businesses are starting to wake up and smell the coffee: it’s our earth, we only get one and we must protect it. From a business point of view, however, these companies are finding the latest way to meet consumer demand for a product that is environmentally sustainable. The same desire to meet customer demand can also be found in staircase design. Here are some examples of eco-friendly stairs by Italian contractor, Fontanot:

For a staircase that is a true expression of the innovative and sustainable design that Fontanot stands for, we can look at this customized structure by the Italian brand, found in Turin and made with bamboo treads. Aside from using FSC certified wood to build their staircases, they also explore the use of bamboo, as they have with this structure. Bamboo is particular in that it grows quickly and naturally, causing very little impact on the environment. No fertilizers, no pesticides, and in fact, very little water, and it is an attractive and sturdy substitute for less eco-friendly woods. This staircase also has a very interesting design and formation, incorporating tempered glass panels with the bamboo treads.



Then there is the Techne, which has made headway as one of the first sustainable staircases in the world to be made with technopolymer, a type of recyclable plastic. Techne is made also using fiberglass and has a sturdy, mechanical and shockproof resistance with a high tenacity. In addition to using innovative and sustainable materials, Fontanot also has other eco-friendly design practices. With Techne, for example, an advanced colouring was used in the mixture process, making it resistant to UV rays and atmospheric factors, since it is both an indoor and outdoor staircase. The Italian brand also typically uses water-based paints for low impact on the environment.



A necessity to meet a growing customer demand coupled with a passion for innovation and design: These eco-friendly staircases are leading the way in the hunt for beautifully sustainable interiors.


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