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Wednesday, 29 May 2013 09:59

Raising the Roof on Urban Farming

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Making the most of urban environments, rooftop farming is coming into its own as countries are paying more attention to ways to match the demand for food as populations increase. Investigate the different ways cities from New York to Singapore are tackling the problem with rooftop farming and read what the owners of these farms have to say about this new urban farming initiative.


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    The fibers are oriented in a parallel pattern which produces a brighter side and a darker side of the block. The darker side reveals dramatic shadows and silhouettes. Making up just 4% of the total volume of the block, the optic fibers give the material a striated texture. The product is handmade, resulting in a unique pattern of light in each piece.

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  • Architect Jailed For Violating Fire Building Codes After Veteran Firefighter Died During Blaze

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