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Monday, 05 August 2013 15:18

Feel the Harmonic Benefits Of Feng Shui

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One of the five main elements of feng shui, the presence of water near the front of the home can energise and reinvigorate stagnant chi (energy), invite good luck and opportunity, and bring wealth and prosperity.| One of the five main elements of feng shui, the presence of water near the front of the home can energise and reinvigorate stagnant chi (energy), invite good luck and opportunity, and bring wealth and prosperity.| Design Build Source|

Feng shui is a Chinese tradition that is usually associated with interior design but now experts are saying feng shui also has benefits for a home landscape. 

Continue reading to learn more about feng shui, the benefits and ways of transforming your home into a space that helps you and guests feel energised and comfortable. These are simple ideas that anybody can try.

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  • Own your style



    A little bit of this, a little bit of that, a little bit of your style.


    The month of February (or Trenduary as we like to call it) was all about keeping up with the latest design trends and knowing how to reflect your style. In doing so, we have already uncluttered your space for a fresh start and given you some great ideas for a refreshed modern look for your home, so in this post we'll have a look at more ideas to give your home a fantastic facelift.


    Let's say you've just come out of a full house spring clean and you have a newly uncluttered clean space to work with, let's say... your home is your oyster. At this point you may have a sea of amazing ideas flooding your mind, the first thing you should do is grab a blank sheet of paper and a pen and unleash all those ideas. This helps to filter out the good and the bad to the downright ugly.


    Once you have all the ideas written down, categorize them so that you can see what will work well in your space and what style stands out more in the categories to help make your final decision.


    Here are some ideas for how to create categories for your ideas:


    • What's the point: One way to categorise your ideas is by function, think about what you want your items of décor to achieve. This is a good way of making sure that every decision you make is meaningful.


    • What's the mood: Find inspirational pictures for the way you imagine your home to look and feel like, in this way creating a " Mood Board" ( A collage of images relating to a certain category). The same goes for blinds, visit a showroom and get actual fabric samples of the blinds you are interested in to add to your mood board.


    • Do a little digging: With the inspirational pictures that you have collected, do some research on items/furniture/colours that are similar to the interior that you like. Speak to professionals, read up visit websites to see what the different options are available to you.


    • Speak to professionals: Of course your opinion is the most important, however it is equally as important to get someone else's view (someone else being a professional). Contacting a professional helps to put your mind at ease that the choices you are making will work for your space and that they will last the length of your taste.


    • Store the info: Keep the information you find safe, where it was from and a picture of it so that you can refer to it once again when you make your final decision. You could also follow the same process when window-shopping. Take a picture, note the price and the store where you can purchase it from


    • When you are satisfied with your research of all the options and categories, sit down and decide on what your favourite outcome of style is


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    These are only ideas of starting points to reflecting your style, remember your home is your oyster!








  • Weylandts Black and White Outdoor Furniture

    The Weylandts edgy black and white outdoor furniture collection is available in all stores. This is the first time that SA’s leading furniture retailer has released such a bold themed collection with patterns on-trend and paralleled to the Fall/Winter 2015 collections of fashion icons Balenciaga and Valentino.


    “The juxtaposition of black and white is a timeless trend in fashion and décor, but this year’s patterns are bigger and bolder than ever, unlike the monochromatic minimalism seen in the past,” comments Chris Weylandt, MD of Weylandts.


    As in fashion, the outdoor collection’s mix of striking prints fits in with this season’s “more is more” rather than “less is more” trend. Tribal prints have been combined with large gingham checks for a striking colour block styled contrast.

    Handwoven in Indonesia out of materials such as polyratten over aluminium frames, these pieces of furniture are ideal for creating an aesthetically distinctive outdoor haven for relaxation.


    Look out for the Rock Lounger (R 14 995), Seventies Occasional Chair (R 3 495), Basket Chair (R 9 995), Tribal Occasional Chair (R 8 995) and the Star Gazer Chair (R 12 995).


    Click here to see more of their ranges and contact details.

  • Give your interiors a great look with glass innovations

    Make your home a show stopping creation by adding glass into your interior décor theme. Here are four great ways to make it happen:

    1. 1.An effect intro for glass in the home comes in the form of glass furniture

    This could be the easiest way to incorporate glass into your interiors. Having glass table tops for your coffee tables, side tables or entry-way tables not only enhances the rest of the materials in you interiors, but it also makes it easy to manipulate your style and décor to fit into the ‘classic chic’ category of home interior décor.

    A great option would be the use of frosted decals instead of clear glass. Doing this will surely cement glass as part of your design theme, putting a stop to the thought that glass is only best used as a background feature. Try treating your frosted glass with detailed borders or patterns, or even imagery. You might also like to have this theme resonate throughout the rest of the home, in mirrors, glass doors and the like.

    2.    Glass innovations in the kitchen

    Though often found in cupboard doors and windows, glass in the kitchen is making moves onto different areas of this room. Like most interior designers are doing now, you could consider having a glass counter-top. Glass is more hygienic and far easier to clean than most surfaces. Having glass kitchen surfaces could make life a lot easier when the curry or stew spills.

    For a far better effect, try adding a splash of colour into your kitchen décor by opting for coloured glass for your counter-top or backsplash area. Custom designs of frosted glass aren’t out of the question either, and like the coloured glass, they can add that added dazzle when patterned.

    3.    Leave the chalkboard out and get a glass whiteboard for the kids’ rooms

    Instead of the, sometimes messy, black chalkboard, try a glass whiteboard for the kids’ rooms. It’ll be just as effective for releasing all their creativity, and when they get older, it’ll be a good notice board for all their school and extra-curricular activity schedules.

    For the glass whiteboard, you’ll need a freestanding pane of glass that has one side frosted. Normal whiteboard markers will work just as well on the glass, and the markings will be just as easy to wipe off. Again, you can give the glass pane a detailed border for design aesthetics.

    4.    Make entertainment areas reflect and shimmer with mirrors

    The entertainment area or bar area is one of the places in the home where your design ideas can go beyond the themes in the rest of the home. Allow your creativity to whisk you away by adding mirrors to this area. You could get mirror mosaics installed as part of the background, mirrored floating shelves or mirrored counter tops.

    Alternatively, getting images or tattoos printed onto your glass can give a good graphic look that can be customized to whatever image you like.

    If these ideas for innovative glass options for home interiors tickle your fancy, get advice on the type of glass that is best suited for your furniture and interiors at a GSA glass fitter near you.  Find out how quick and easy it is to add these ideas to your home by clicking here to enquire. 



    Mr Hennie Botes has been invited to present moladi as an alternative modular construction technology to address the demand in the Middle East and North African region.

    The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is becoming a hotspot for constructions projects as more than $2 trillion has been awarded for this purpose for the next three years. In United Arab Emirates (UAE), there are about $75 billion worth of construction projects planned in Abu Dhabi in the next three years, along with numerous project opportunities in the Western Region. Modular construction techniques has not been readily implemented to address the huge demand for quality residential and commercial projects in the Middle East; however, property and construction developers are looking at this as one of the ways to mobilise further growth.

    Prefabrication and modular construction is taking a leap frog now as technologies, such as BIM, has enabled better integration of prefabricated/modular components as changes in design such as the emergence of green have made certain advantages of prefabrication/modularisation more important. Over the past decade, these processes developed a stigma of “cheapness” and “poor quality”. Through modern technology, that image has changed.

    Modular Construction is designed to unleash the forefront in construction technology. It’s a key component to improve productivity in the construction industry. Constructing mega cities within months rather than years might not be a distinct possibility in the future. We seek to address key issues involved in driving high quality and sustainable construction solutions that are delivered at cheaper cost that provides significant benefits to owners. In short, the sheer amount of money to be made using this technology is unlimited if you play your cards right.

    For more on the conference download the program here - Link

    For more on the moladi construction system – Visit



  • 10 Easy Ways To Bring Your Interiors To Life With Colourful Pastels

    Colours determine how people feel when they enter your home.  Certain colours evoke comfort and welcome guests, while others do the opposite. 

    Read more about rediscovering the pastel appeal, pastel kitchen appliances, creating a country cottage, reupholstering furniture, choosing wood finishes to match, DIY projects, different styles, reinventing the colour palette, relaxing interiors and inspire your creativity, and more.

    Click here to read the full article. 

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