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Wednesday, 11 December 2013 09:31

The Real Costs of Buy to Let are the Ones we Don’t Think About

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Investment and holiday-home buying accounted for 24 percent of all home sales in the US in the past year but only 10 percent in South Africa. Shaun Rademeyer, chief executive of BetterBondHomeloans, says that those who are new to this type of investment need to know the cost before investing. Find out more about these costs that include bond repayments and deposit, rates and taxes, levies, home insurance, maintenance, finding good tenants and vacancy allowance.

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  • Grand Designs Live 2016 inspires Responsible Living


    In its seventh year, Grand Designs Live now brought to you by Black+Decker, has proven to be the leading contemporary home, design and garden show in South Africa. Every year legions of fans return to the event, inspired by its informative, innovative and interactive nature, and keen to learn about the latest trends, both locally and abroad.  And this year is going to be better than ever before because Media 10 is now running the show, and DIY king Black+Decker has come on board as title sponsor. Think of it as a fresh lick of paint, a move that will inject new, exciting energy into this incredible institution, keeping all the things you’ve fallen in love with over the years, but expanding the scope and experience.

    And what better way to kick off this new direction than by aligning this year’s theme with a cause that should be dear to all of us: Responsible Living. As conscious consumers it is now imperative that we make more eco-friendly choices and live in a way that promotes awareness and sensitivity to our planetary needs. Grand Designs Live takes this issue very seriously and will be showcasing numerous ways in which visitors can bring this thinking to life, and hopefully make real and meaningful impact on the world we live in.


    The core Grand Designs Live experience remains much the same, with the main areas being Grand Gardens, Grand Interiors, Grand Build and Grand Kitchens and Bathrooms. Here you’ll find all the best products as well as talks and demonstrations illustrating global best practice in these different fields. Grand Designs Live have tapped into leading lights in our local industry to ensure this years show is exactly what our consumer is looking for.  This expert panel comprises of five exceptional individuals, all highly respected in their respective fields. Sarah Bruitendach, is the Digital Editor and Editor-In-Chief of the Fashion and Home supplements at the Sunday Times, and has enormous experience as a writer and stylist. Graham Wood is a writer and editor specialising in décor, design and architecture, having spent the last decade chronicling Mzansi’s most beautiful homes. Co-owner of interior décor and eventing company Sålt + Støne, Karin Orzol has helped many client create beautiful and practical living spaces. Robin Alexander is freelance writer and stylist, who formerly worked at the Sunday Times Fashion and Home supplements. Vicki Sleet heads up the popular décor and lifestyle blog as well as working at Good Housekeeping Magazine, focusing on food and décor.


    The entrance at this years show is going to feel completely different, as patrons will get to experience the incredible Central Boulevard Lampshades, a series of oversized lampshades hanging from the ceiling, designed by fresh young talent and covered in fabrics from Black Fabrics. This innovative initiative will give up-and-coming designers the opportunity to showcase their skills whilst contributing to a really eye-catching feature. And once guests have walked through this magical boulevard they will come across an exciting new central feature, appearing for the first time at Grand Designs Live. It’s a massive interactive area featuring the best in design trends, expert opinions and celebrity savvy advice. This space is split into two, The Easylife Kitchens Celebrity Chefs Theatre brought to you by Food & Home Entertaining Magazine, and The Waterwise Garden Theatre, brought to you by GLC Design Studio and Garden and Home Magazine.


    The Waterwise Garden Theatre is an informative, inspirational place where guests can really engage with the realities of South Africa’s water dilemma. In reality, we are a water-stressed country, and predictions are that the demand for water will outstrip supply by 2025. A change in attitude and behaviour is needed, and this is where you can find ways to use water more wisely.  In addition there will also be numerous experts on hand, each giving different insights into trends and techniques, making your green-finger experience all the more enjoyable and effective.


    The Easylife Kitchens Celebrity Chefs Theatre brought to you by Food & Home Entertaining Magazine, hosts much loved celebrity foodies including the highly experienced Adrian Vaughn of Lacuna Bistro @ The Maslow Hotel,  creative Amy Butler from the Food Design Agency, multi award winning Jonathan Roos at the Inter-continental OR Tambo and Pastry Chef Minette Smith who will be sampling, demonstrating and sharing advice on how to create the perfect meal, leaving you with all the passion and knowledge to repeat these in your own kitchen.


    This space backs into Grand Interiors, brought to you by House and Leisure Magazine, plays host to four unique, immaculately styled room sets, featuring bespoke creations by Nicola Davis Interiors, Create Space Lab, House and Leisure Room Sets, Megan Parker Interiors and Prime Home. These highly respected names will ensure that this is not just a beautiful space, but an ideas hub where you can quiz our experts on their methods and philosophies. It’s all been designed to help you make the most of your own personal space, so if you’re looking for fresh ideas and ingenious insights, then be sure to spend some time in this inspiring area. Grand Designs Live: the leading contemporary home, design and garden show in South Africa.


    Grand Build will feature an incredible, instructive DIY Theatre, courtesy of Black+Decker. The DIY Theatre will also play host to incredible experts who will be giving all the secrets and tips needed to make your home improvement experience all the more fruitful. Brand new to this year is the Black+Decker DIY Workshops where you’ll get to roll up your sleeves and get involved with fun and exciting activities aimed at bringing out your inner handyman or woman. These range from learning how to make desk lamps and hanging lights, to fun and interactive spot races against the clock and everything you need to know about building your own herb boxes. The best thing? You get to walk off with your creation and stand to win amazing prizes. Black+Decker will also be hosting the Tool Exchange, a brand new initiative where you bring along your old Black+Decker tools, hand them in, and then get to purchase either a drill, grind-saw, grinder or sander for only R99.00. It’s happening once-off…only at Grand Designs Live. And to top it all off, the DIY Guru Search is on again, so if you want to keep up to date with who it’s going to be, then make sure you follow the hunt on the Grand Designs website or on social media.


    The Grand Kitchens and Bathrooms area will once again showcase the best of both of these worlds, with novel and stylish ideas being presented in the Kitchen Theatre, hosted by Easylife Kitchens.  Here you can expect the full array of bright ideas and must-have gadgets.


    Then, because all this is undoubtedly going to work up an appetite, there’s the scrumptious Gourmet Area where you get to pamper your palate with the most delectable dishes imaginable or sip on cocktails at the exquisite Cocktail Bar. At the Grand Designs Live Emporium you’ll be greeted with an array of beautiful objects for garden and home, from jewellery and fabrics to scatter cushions and exotic plants and flowers.

    So make sure you mark the dates: 20 - 22 May 2016. That’s when Grand Designs Live takes over the Ticketpro Dome.


    Venue: The Ticketpro Dome

    Price: R95-00 (Pensioners and Students: R65, children under 12 are free)

    Contact: +27 11 835 1565


    Facebook:  Grand Designs Live SA

  • How Innovative Glass is Changing Your Interiors

    Glass is a valuable design element. It enhances your home’s beauty and adds elegance to your interior design. Its versatility is incomparable because it can be used almost anywhere. In recent years, glass has managed to reclaim its top position in interior design thanks to innovative manufacturing techniques. Many homeowners now use it to enhance the look of their interiors and to add functionality. If you love the look and feel of glass but don’t know how to use it, here are some ideas.


    Gorgeous Glass Countertops


    Contemporary, creative, and sophisticated are the words used to describe glass countertops. Glass is a great work surface with a very light texture. It is hard, resistant to heat, and trendy. It is the best option for drab kitchens in need of updates. If you are trying to conserve the environment, install recycled glass countertops in your kitchen. These are made out of used glass which is environmentally sustainable. They are made from things like bottles, oven windows, and automobile windshields.


    (CGD Glass Countertops)

    If you want to change the look of your current countertops without having to redo your entire kitchen, get raised glass countertops. They can be connected to your existing countertops to make them look fresh and modern. Raised glass countertops are durable, unique, and command instant attention. 



     Glass is non-porous and does not absorb stains

    (CGD Glass Countertops)


    Functional and Stylish Backsplashes


    While there are limitless options for backsplashes, glass is a top contender. Glass backsplashes are inexpensive, attractive, and easy to maintain. Before you choose the design you want, make sure you measure your kitchen. Also think of how you use the area to determine the type of glass you need. Glass backsplashes come in many choices ranging from frosted to opaque. They also come in a fine selection of colors, shapes, patterns, and textures.


    Innovative Sinks


    Glass sinks add instant charm and character to your kitchen. They are the ultimate in class and sophistication. They come in a wide range of designs and colors and work well with different settings. Most glass sinks are made from high grade tempered glass which can endure very high temperatures. They do not absorb smells or stains and are excellent options for kitchens with a high amount of traffic.


    Contemporary Tabletops


    Glass tabletops are the essence of modern design. Glass looks good on dining tables, kitchen islands, and even bar countertops. It also creates the illusion of space thanks to its transparent nature. Whether you use it on your dining table or breakfast island, it will create an elegant, practical, and multipurpose space.



    Glass transforms regular tabletops and countertops into centerpieces 

    (CGD Glass Countertops)


    If you love decorating your home with fashionable materials that offer timeless appeal, try glass. It exudes style, elegance, and sophistication and will make your house the envy of many. It is loved by many homeowners because it goes well with any type of decor. In addition, it can be used in both residential and commercial spaces. Glass will give your interiors a chic, enduring look that is hard to achieve with other materials. 


    For all your glass enquiries: click here to contact PG Building Glass 



  • Give your interiors a great look with glass innovations

    Make your home a show stopping creation by adding glass into your interior décor theme. Here are four great ways to make it happen:

    1. 1.An effect intro for glass in the home comes in the form of glass furniture

    This could be the easiest way to incorporate glass into your interiors. Having glass table tops for your coffee tables, side tables or entry-way tables not only enhances the rest of the materials in you interiors, but it also makes it easy to manipulate your style and décor to fit into the ‘classic chic’ category of home interior décor.

    A great option would be the use of frosted decals instead of clear glass. Doing this will surely cement glass as part of your design theme, putting a stop to the thought that glass is only best used as a background feature. Try treating your frosted glass with detailed borders or patterns, or even imagery. You might also like to have this theme resonate throughout the rest of the home, in mirrors, glass doors and the like.

    2.    Glass innovations in the kitchen

    Though often found in cupboard doors and windows, glass in the kitchen is making moves onto different areas of this room. Like most interior designers are doing now, you could consider having a glass counter-top. Glass is more hygienic and far easier to clean than most surfaces. Having glass kitchen surfaces could make life a lot easier when the curry or stew spills.

    For a far better effect, try adding a splash of colour into your kitchen décor by opting for coloured glass for your counter-top or backsplash area. Custom designs of frosted glass aren’t out of the question either, and like the coloured glass, they can add that added dazzle when patterned.

    3.    Leave the chalkboard out and get a glass whiteboard for the kids’ rooms

    Instead of the, sometimes messy, black chalkboard, try a glass whiteboard for the kids’ rooms. It’ll be just as effective for releasing all their creativity, and when they get older, it’ll be a good notice board for all their school and extra-curricular activity schedules.

    For the glass whiteboard, you’ll need a freestanding pane of glass that has one side frosted. Normal whiteboard markers will work just as well on the glass, and the markings will be just as easy to wipe off. Again, you can give the glass pane a detailed border for design aesthetics.

    4.    Make entertainment areas reflect and shimmer with mirrors

    The entertainment area or bar area is one of the places in the home where your design ideas can go beyond the themes in the rest of the home. Allow your creativity to whisk you away by adding mirrors to this area. You could get mirror mosaics installed as part of the background, mirrored floating shelves or mirrored counter tops.

    Alternatively, getting images or tattoos printed onto your glass can give a good graphic look that can be customized to whatever image you like.

    If these ideas for innovative glass options for home interiors tickle your fancy, get advice on the type of glass that is best suited for your furniture and interiors at a GSA glass fitter near you.  Find out how quick and easy it is to add these ideas to your home by clicking here to enquire. 



    Mr Hennie Botes has been invited to present moladi as an alternative modular construction technology to address the demand in the Middle East and North African region.

    The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is becoming a hotspot for constructions projects as more than $2 trillion has been awarded for this purpose for the next three years. In United Arab Emirates (UAE), there are about $75 billion worth of construction projects planned in Abu Dhabi in the next three years, along with numerous project opportunities in the Western Region. Modular construction techniques has not been readily implemented to address the huge demand for quality residential and commercial projects in the Middle East; however, property and construction developers are looking at this as one of the ways to mobilise further growth.

    Prefabrication and modular construction is taking a leap frog now as technologies, such as BIM, has enabled better integration of prefabricated/modular components as changes in design such as the emergence of green have made certain advantages of prefabrication/modularisation more important. Over the past decade, these processes developed a stigma of “cheapness” and “poor quality”. Through modern technology, that image has changed.

    Modular Construction is designed to unleash the forefront in construction technology. It’s a key component to improve productivity in the construction industry. Constructing mega cities within months rather than years might not be a distinct possibility in the future. We seek to address key issues involved in driving high quality and sustainable construction solutions that are delivered at cheaper cost that provides significant benefits to owners. In short, the sheer amount of money to be made using this technology is unlimited if you play your cards right.

    For more on the conference download the program here - Link

    For more on the moladi construction system – Visit



  • Security by design: Choosing an alarm system to suit your lifestyle

    Nowadays, you have loads of choice when it comes to choosing a home alarm system. It’s picking the one that best suits your lifestyle and budget that’s the tricky part. The main decision you need to make is whether to go for a monitored or unmonitored system, and whether you’d prefer it to be wired or wireless.

    Unmonitored alarm systems

    This type of system is the most popular and affordable alarm system. An unmonitored alarm system you won’t need to pay someone to monitor your security for you. It involves having sensors installed throughout the key areas of your home. If an intruder manages to get past your security gates or burglar bars, as soon as they move through your home they will trigger the invisible beams and a klaxon alarm will go off. Some homeowners also invest in more advanced systems that include motion detectors, panic buttons and spot lamps.

    This type of alarm falls under the unmonitored category. This is because, whilst the noise is alarming and may scare off trespassers and alert nearby neighbours, it isn't directly monitored by a security company. If the potential thief doesn't get frightened off, or there isn't anyone nearby to hear the alarm, it won't offer immediate protection.

    Monitored alarm system

    While it's more expensive than the unmonitored alarm system with monthly monitoring fees, this option is more secure. If an intruder triggers any of the detectors, the alarms will alert your security company’s call centre.

    The centre will then call your home to ensure it wasn't an accidental mishap. Anyone who answers will be obliged to answer a security question. If this procedure isn't followed, they’ll send in their response division to investigate.

    Nowadays, there are even apps that you can install on your smartphone which will keep you in the loop regarding the status on your home alarm and security.

    Wired alarm system

    A hardwired alarm system needs physical wiring in order to transmit information to a control panel. Normally, the wires will be hidden somewhere, like a bedroom cupboard for example. It has a keypad that requires a code for deactivating and activating the alarm system.

    The installation process can be a drawback for this type of system because it requires someone to physically fit the wiring into the walls. An electric storm also has a chance of making the device go haywire. On the plus side, it is great for monitoring the activity of doors and windows, and it creates a steady current throughout the house.

    Wireless system

    The wireless alarm system is the cutting-edge of modern technology, with no tricky wiring requirements or monthly monitoring bills, as well as easy installation. Its design also makes it flexible when it comes to placing the detectors and sensors - although at times they can’t be fitted too closely together. Another advantage is that it's portable, allowing you to take it to your next home should you decide to move.

    This is an expensive system to maintain though, because the batteries need frequent changing. You should also note than electromagnetic interference can disrupt monitoring activities.

    With this information in mind, it’s important to choose a system that will best suit your budget and lifestyle. And remember, any security is better than no security.

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